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Tel: 845 379 4616

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Eating today has become very confusing and overwhelming.  There is

a new “miracle” diet coming into the market almost daily offering quick fixes without lasting results.

Our 8 Week program will help clear out all the dieting “noise” and just focus on eating whole foods with some "fun foods" mixed in! 


Not only will you learn how to eat, you will also learn some self care skills along the way!


What's Included...


- 3 guides to help reset your mindset, movement and metabolism

- Meal Plan covering breakfast, lunch, dinner + snacks

- Accountability: Journals for affirmation/gratitude writing/exercise

- Support: Members only Facebook group with a communtiy of individuals who share in the    pursuit of sustainable healthy living

- Email access to a Nutritionist to address questions and concerns

- Strategies to help you overcome the yo-yo dieting, binge-restrict cycle and fears of specific foods and food groups without any restriction




Food Freedom 8 Week Program