Women's Health: Eating for Beauty & Longevity

In honor of Women's Health Month, I thought it only appropriate to give my best tips to help you enhance your beauty regimen all while improving longevity.

Like any other girl, I'm pretty focused on having glowing skin, thick shiny hair, white teeth etc... What I learned after years of using expensive beauty products, was what I eat affects my body, externally, 100x more than what I apply on it through creams, lotion, oils etc...

The skin can absorb around 60% of what you put on it, but you absorb around 95% of what you ingest! Now I'm not saying eat that night cream you bought, but do eat some ingredients it contains. For example, my collagen cream contains, well, COLLAGEN! Collagen is the most abundant tissue in our body so needless to say it's pretty important. It is what gives suppleness to the skin and keeps wrinkles and fine lines away.

You can find collagen in foods like bone broth, poultry, beef and fish. For my plant eaters out there, you can eat foods that boost collagen production in the body like bell peppers, citrus, cabbage, avocado and any red fruits/veggies. Focus on foods that are high in Vitamin A and C.

Another ingredient in many beauty products are omega 3's. These fatty acids are essential because the body cannot make them on its own. Eating foods like wild caught salmon, tuna, grass fed beef, beans, chia seeds and ground flax seeds will help increase omega 3 consumption. These are big players in beauty because they stave off wrinkles, decrease inflammation, prevent breakouts and keep skin hydrated.

Next on my list and one of my faves is coconut oil! This beauty super star will not only keep your skin hydrated and glowing but will also stave off acne due to its anti bacterial properties. I recommend consuming 2 Tbsp. daily for best results.

Last but certainly not least is sleep. I know, it's not a sexy tip, but it sure does work! Majority of your body's detox and recovery processes occur while you sleep. So even if you're eating all the right things and using external beauty products, none of that will matter without proper sleep (6 1/2 hours will do the trick). I cannot emphasize enough about proper sleeping practices, but to keep it short follow these steps...

- turn off all electronic devices at least 30 min before bed

- Read, write, color, meditate or do any activity that is calming to you that doesn't involve electronics. Personally I enjoy folding laundry before bed, but hey that's just me.

- Take 200mg of magnesium 60 min before bed. It will relax you and aid in melatonin production

I hope these tips help you enhance your beauty and more so longevity regimen. Remember, your body is not that complicated. Hence the simplicity of my tips. And believe me ladies, I've tried everything and these tools really work!

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