Vitamin E, Antioxidant Powerhouse: Day 20 of National Nutrition Month

Another big player on the beauty scene is Vitamin E. Along with Vitamin C and Vitamin A, this nutrient protects skin from advanced aging by protecting cells from free radical damage. Free radical damage can be caused by pesticides on the food we eat, chemicals in our personal care products and pollution in the air.

Vitamin E is broken up into two groups of eight antioxidants in total.


- Alpha-tocopherol, beta-tocopherol, gamma-tocopherol and delta-tocopherol

- Alpha-tocopherol is the more common type (90% of Vitamin is i this form in the



- Alpha-tocotrienol, beta-tocotrienol, gamma-tocotrienol and delta-tocotrienol

A significant, yet underrated function of this vitamin is its protective abilities, not just for cells, but for fatty acids. Think Omega 3's!

Omega 3's have a host of benefits most of which are tied to reducing systemic inflammation. However, when omega 3's oxidize, this can lead to a whole host of issues including elevated LDL cholesterol, arterial blockages and excess free radical damage.

This is where Vitamin E comes to the rescue! This vitamin aids in the prevention of oxidation which can help you utilize omega 3's more efficiently which leads to decreased inflammation overall!

Think of omega 3's and Vitamin E as besties. Fatty acids, like omega 3's, help the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, like Vitamin E. Then Vitamin E jumps into action to preserve the integrity of the omegas. Pretty cool is you ask me!

Vitamin E can also aid in preventing oxidation of other substances in the body like cholesterol. Cholesterol starts to increase your cardiovascular risk when the particles oxidize. If you are eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting your dose of Vitamin E, you shouldn't have to worry about cholesterol impacting your health.

One last benefit I'll share with you is hormonal balance. Vitamin E can help balance hormones during many stages of life, especially during a woman's fertile years. Its also helpful in reducing PMS symptoms, leaving you with less bloat and more energy!

Some of the top food sources include...

Sunflower Seeds


Wheat Germ



For beauty and hormone balancing benefits I recommend 400 IU of Vitamin E daily.

Click here for my top product pick and the one I personally use!

To enhance the benefits of Vitamin E, consider adding in Vitamin C, selenium (mineral) and Vitamin B3 (Niacin).

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