Undeniable Benefits of the Squat

As a personal trainer, I get asked (a lot) what is the best exercise to burn fat and build muscle?

Without going into too much detail, I always say "the squat".

Squatting engages not only your glutes (butt), but also your quadriceps (front of leg), hamstrings (back of leg), calves, and abs.

Because squats engage quite a few muscle groups they are known as a compound movement, one of which that burns the a ton of calories and will give you an athletic and aesthetic shape.

It is also great for improving cardiovascular endurance and is a foundational movement for other, more advanced exercises.

A few other benefits are ...

- Improve strength in workouts overall

- Boost confidence

- Improve mobility

- Injury prevention

- Strengthen joints

- Improves fat burning

Another question I get asked is, "How often should I be doing squats?"

My answer, "If you are doing strictly body weight squats, you can do them daily. If you are doing squats with weight at the gym, I would allow for 24-48 hours of recovery time before revisiting the exercise."

The beautiful thing about squats is that you still get the benefits whether you do them weighted or not. Meaning you can do them anywhere!

Here's are a few easy opportunities to get some squats in ...


- Right when you get up in the morning

- Waiting for coffee to brew

- While cooking breakfast

- Before leaving the house

- In the shower


- Before lunch

- After lunch

- At your desk to avoid sitting for 8 hours straight


- While cooking dinner

- After dinner

- Before going to sleep


If you did just 20 squats five times a day, that would equate to 100 squats per day and 700 squats per week!

You can even set a goal.

For example, "I will increase the amount of squats I do by 20 every day for a week."

Start small and set a goal you know you can easily achieve. Its the best way to stay motivated and consistent.

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