The How To's of Intuitive Eating: Day 6 of National Nutrition Month Tips

Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full is a basic lesson we are taught from a very young age.

However, as we get older this lesson gets lost in the noise of the dieting world where everyone is an expert at telling you how to eat and that you should listen to the newest, most trendy diet instead of your own body...

So for todays tip, let's chat about intuitive eating. Essentially it just means listening to your hunger cues, and utilizing the tip from yesterday, which was mindfulness.

We are surrounded by distraction and are taught to not trust our body. This, in turn, makes us very insecure around food and constantly wondering if we are eating the right foods, at the right times, in the right place, in the correct position etc ... Sound like a familiar thought process? (enter sarcasm)...

Your body, without you even having to think about it, has a system built in, from birth, to let you now when to eat and when to stop.

Issues arise when we...

- Eat too fast (takes about 20 minutes for your brain to register fullness)

- Eat highly processed foods that are digested quickly leading to blood sugar drops and cravings

- Prioritize work or our to do list, don't eat for long periods and become ravenously hungry and over eat

- Consume artificial sweeteners which increase cravings (you're brain will still look for carbohydrate to associate with the sweet taste, aka you can't outsmart your body)

So what can you do to remedy this vicious cycle of under-eating, overeating and just not listening to your body?

Here are a few tips...

1. Focus on eating whole foods that are fiber rich

2. Chew your food!

3. Take time to sit down and give yourself at least 30 minutes to eat a meal

4. Don't over think what is on your plate

5. Stop listening to every diet guru who claims they have the magic fat loss solution

Number 5 really hits home because diet culture takes away your individuality.... You are unique and so is your body. Not everyone can fit into the same "diet box", eating the same foods at the same times. We all have different environments, stressors, activity levels and so many other factors that affect the types of foods we require.

Eating shouldn't be complicated, so stop listening to diet culture and all its overly complicated noise sending you the message that they know better than your own body...

Stay tuned for Day 7 to cap off this first week of nutrition for the mind!


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