Vitamin C: Beyond Immunity

Updated: Feb 5

A vitamin that we all know and love is none other than Vitamin C.

Now I know this vitamin is well known for its immune boosting benefits, but I want to let you know a little secret...

It does so much more than just supporting immunity!

Some of Vitamin C's top functions in the body are...

- Growth, development and repair of all tissues in the body

- Wound healing

- Collagen formation

- Absorption of Iron (essential mineral)

- Maintaining healthy cartilage, bones and teeth

- Potent antioxidant (combats inflammation)

Along with these functions, come some pretty great benefits like ...

- Strong immune system/ability to fight infection

- Healthy hair, skin and nails

- Lowered risk of chronic illness and the number 1 killer of Americans, heart disease by lowering LDL "bad" cholesterol

- Healthy bone density

- Improved joint motility

- Reduce blood pressure

- Decreased risk of dementia and related cognitive disease

So how much should you be taking?

It really depends on your current state of health. The RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is 60-90 mg per day. Now keep in mind that dose is what we require to avoid deficiency. It is not the dose to promote optimal health.

If you are immune-compromised (i.e. get sick often, have an auto-immune condition), I recommend 1000 mg taken twice daily (am/pm).

For healthy individuals, I recommend a dose between 500-1000 mg daily.

When taking Vitamin C, make sure you are splitting the dose when you hit the 1000 mg mark because it may cause excess bowel movements (i.e. diarrhea).

Here are my top food choices to boost your Vitamin C intake...

* DV = Daily Value *

- Bell peppers (1/2 cup = 137mg/152% DV)

- Broccoli, cooked (1 cup = 102mg/114% DV)

- Acerola Cherries (1/2 cup = 822mg/913% DV)

- Chili Peppers (1 pepper = 109mg/121% DV)

- Black Currants (1/2 cup = 101mg/112% DV)

- Kale, raw (1 cup = 80mg/89% DV)

- Kiwi (1 fruit = 71mg/79% DV)

If you're looking for a more convenient way to get your daily dose, here is my top supplement pick...

Designs for Health Vitamin C

Why is this my top pick?

- High absorption

- 1000 mg per serving

- Non-GMO

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