Self-Care in a Snap: Meditation

Meditation has been used by so many cultures over a span of thousands of years.

So it must do something beneficial right?

Well it definitely does!

Meditation has been linked to decreases in anxiety, blood pressure, fatigue, stress and improved sleep, energy and motivation.

The point of meditation is not to prevent thoughts from happening, its actually to let them come and go.

Quieting your mind doesn't mean shutting it off. It means giving yourself permission to have the thoughts and let them leave as easily as they came on.

Whether for an hour or 5 minutes, meditation has proved to be extremely helpful.

So today, start with just a few minutes....

Find a quiet place at home and sit in stillness.

Leave all electronics either off or in another room.

Allow thoughts to come and go without trying to block, judge or prevent.

The more you suppress thoughts + emotions, the harder they will attempt to rise back up, which may lead to anxiety, panic attacks and even physical manifestations such as heart attack, stroke or binge eating behavior.

If you need more support in calming anxiety, stress and poor eating habits, check out my new Glow: the Health Hub monthly membership.

You'll gain access to guides, live and recorded meditations and direct answers from me on a daily basis to guide you toward the lifestyle you deserve.

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