Quick At Home Lower Body Workout


3 rounds

30 seconds - running in place

30 seconds - lunge and twist

5 burpees

30 seconds runners stretch


Today's entire workout is 2 rounds.

Each exercise lasts 30 seconds to 1 min and there is a break in between workouts.

It will take you only 15 mins to complete!

Try to take as little rest in between rounds as possible.

*Tip, download a timer app like flex timer to count for you

1 min narrow squat to wide squat.

(Narrow squat, step Left leg to make a wide squat, back to narrow, and repeat with R leg)

30 Second R curtsy Squat

30 second L curtsy Squat

30 second R Side Lunge

30 Second L Side Lunge

60 second squat duck walks forwards and back

(Hold a good squat position and take 4 steps forward holding that squat and 4 steps back)

30 seconds R single leg glute raise

30 seconds L single leg glute raise

30 seconds R single leg glute kick ups

30 seconds L single leg glute kick ups

60 second break and repeat

Wall Sit Challenge:

How long can you hold a wall sit?

Goal of 5 mins!

If you want to try to hit 5 mins but aren't there yet, every time you fall do 10 supermans and get back up to continue with the running clock!

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