My Keto Experience: Days 10-14

*Written April 2018*

Hey guys! Sorry I've been completely MIA the past few days. I turned 30 on Saturday, April 14th and my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Gettysburg, PA! In addition to nutrition, history is another passion of mine. I highly recommend going if you want to learn more about our country. The food wasn't anything spectacular so you won't see any reviews.

Anyway, because I missed a few days I'm going to give a brief overview of days 10-14 and I also didn't see major differences until days 12 and 13. Okay so here goes...

Days 10-12 were pretty great! Again focus was on point, no bloating and I was feeling super lean and full of energy. My sleep was pretty good, but I did notice trouble staying asleep as the week progressed.

Day 12 was my 30th birthday party so needless to say I didn't stick to keto. I broke my fast at 3pm and my first meal was a huge salad with tons of veggies and a few cookies from my favorite cafe, Zest. I didn't eat again until my party around 830pm, along with some "fun" beverages. Come on guys, even nutritionists drink every now and then, lol. Side note, if you're curious about drinks that pack the lowest sugar and calorie punch comment below and I'll put up a post all about it!

Anyway, the next day I felt like crap. Likely because I drank a bit too much but I'm sure the added carbs didn't help my situation. My body was probably saying something like, "WTF Jack?! .... " I was really nauseous and felt like I was in a complete fog. But, that all faded away once my boyfriend and I set out on my surprise birthday trip to Gettysburg, PA!

The trip consisted of horse back riding battlefield tours, museums and a little ghost hunting. If you can't tell already I have really eclectic hobbies lol.

Gettysburg isn't really known for its culinary scene, so there really wasn't anything to rave about. My boyfriend booked an Airbnb, so we stopped at a grocery store the first day and grabbed a few snacks and such which we munched on over the weekend.

Basically, I wasnt on keto for 3 days and by the third day I could feel a lot of water retention, fatigue and irritability setting in. By day 14, which was Monday, I went right back to keto. Oh boy, was I in for a surprise... my digestion was way off, I was super hungry in the morning, even today and still had some residual fatigue.

I'm thinking my body is just going through the keto flu again because I went off track for a couple days. But this was an experiment and not a lifestyle change I was looking to maintain long term so needless to say I'm not beating myself up about it. Did my weight jump after my birthday weekend, oh yeah. Was it all fat gain, absolutely not! I'm also not one to over indulge or eat until I'm uncomfortably full because that isn't the right mentality. I ate foods I enjoyed, didn't go to the gym for 3 days and focused on having a great mini vacation with my amazing boyfriend.

This wasn't exactly how I wanted the experiment to go, but experiments go awry all the time. Plus, I love science, but I love enjoying my life a whole lot more.

I hope you guys got something out of my mini experiment and had fun coming along for the ride. I'm going to continue keto for 5-6 days per week and work in 1-2 higher carb days. Essentially I'll be following a cyclical ketogenic protocol, which is just cycles of high carb and high fat days throughout the week. I found that I feel good on keto for a full week then notice strength loss and tiredness shortly after that point. If I notice any other major changes, you will be the first to know!

Also, all information I've put forth in this series is strictly my own experience and I'm in no way encouraging anyone to play around with their eating to the extreme I did. If you have questions about going on a ketogenic diet or changing your lifestyle please comment below or email me ( so I can offer some guidance and support through that type of change.

Any thoughts on what the next diet series should be? I've read a lot about the Daniel Fast, which is similar to plant based eating and Whole 30. Let me know what you think and we will see if I can stick to it!

Final stats:

133 lb.

17 % body fat

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