My Keto Experience: Day 9

*Written April 2018*

Holy cravings! Today (Tuesday), my carb cravings were really overbearing. All I wanted were my favorite bakery treats from my go-to vegan/gluten free bakery like a chickpea blondie, cacao/almond butter cookie and a basic-b oatmeal cookie. I know these items sound healthy, but they're still made with coconut sugar and are combinations of high fat and carbohydrate ingredients, which will have your blood sugar all over the place. It started in early afternoon, so I thought maybe I didn't drink enough water the day before or my electrolytes were off because that can cause cravings as well. Even after supplementing with my electrolyte powder, mushroom broth (full sodium) and after my first meal at 2 pm, I was still thinking about giving in, driving to the bakery and calling it a day.

I definitely felt defeated. After all my posts about feeling more focused, energized, having better sleep, finally performing well in the gym etc, writing this update is really difficult. I thought cravings were a thing of the past, but obviously I was wrong. My digestion was also a bit off after my first meal. I had gas and bloating for about 4 hours, which just annoyed me even more. I kept running through my day and thinking if I experienced any stress that could have disrupted my digestion. I cannot say this enough, STRESS AFFECTS ALMOST EVERY FUNCTION IN YOUR BODY! When you are stressed blood flow will redirect from the gut to your muscle tissue. Meaning, digestion and nutrient absorption is inhibited allowing food to ferment longer and cause gas and bloating.

I have been feeling a bit defeated with certain things in my professional life, especially this week so I chalked it up to that. Nevertheless, it wasn't a good feeling, having to talk myself out of giving into a craving. That isn't something I've dealt with in a very long time, and allowing myself to feel vulnerable to my own emotions is not my strong suite.

I was also not looking forward to dinner because it was the same thing as I always have. The weird thing is, once I ate it I felt satisfied, which leads me to wonder why I anticipated feeling unsatisfied in the first place. I felt a bloated after dinner, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I am beginning to think having a treat day was not the right route to take after just a week of keto. My body may just need more time to adjust to this drastic change and I have myself too much credit. I have a bad habit of assuming my body can take whatever I throw at it in stride, which may not be the case.

Having been paralyzed, I get frustrated very easily when my body doesn't respond in the way I would like. And this experiment is throwing that frustration right in my face. At this point I am still encouraged to continue, because even though I am uncomfortable I am learning a lot about myself. It really forces me to see nutrition through my clients eyes and experience they're difficulty making a transition into healthier eating and lifestyle choices. I think I'm gaining some empathy points in this process, which will only help me in my practice and future.

Hopefully the next update won't be so emotionally charged, so stay tuned to find out!


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