My Keto Experience: Day 8

*Written April 2018*

So its the beginning of week 2 on this keto journey I've embarked on and I will say its been one heck of a ride. Today (Monday), when I woke up I felt groggy and sore. I didn't sleep well the night before, probably because I ate a big meal too soon before I went to sleep that was carb heavy (totally my own fault). I have a nasty habit of playing around with other dietary strategies when I'm trying to focus on another. Hence the plant based eating yesterday when I should've gone right back to keto after my treat day.

My workout, however, again was great! I did a chest workout with 20 min steady state cardio on the stair master and felt really strong. I was able to lift just as much weight as I did before this experiment which was definitely a positive! I still felt a bit bloated, but I kind of expected that so not too much of a surprise there.

I broke my fast around 2pm, and digestion was great! That is what I'm loving about keto, is that I literally have zero digestive issues, when in the past I've battled with them for years! And lets not forget the focus. I am able to hone in on tasks and follow through with them more efficiently and not allow other thoughts to interrupt what I am doing in the moment. I guess what I am referencing are racing thoughts. I used to deal with them everyday and just learned to accept that was how my brain operated. Well, I debunked that with this experiment! Its almost like I see the world through a different and calmer perspective and have more confidence in my capabilities. I'm also finding it easier to deliver my thoughts and feelings more fluidly in conversation that I did before. Basically, the way I communicate, in my perception, is more efficient and fluid.

Today was the first day I didn't feel hungry in between meals as well. When I started this, I got hungry within 2-3 hours after my first meal and now I am back to being satiated for about 5-6 hours. I did increase my fat intake by around 10-12 grams in my first meal specifically and that has really helped in staving off hunger. I also make sure I drink 16 ounces of organic mushroom/vegetable broth daily for additional sodium and liquid intake.

When I got home from school, I ate dinner around 7 pm which again was a big salad with hummus, veggies and EVOO with a side of almond butter and sprouted pumpkin seeds. I don't know about you, but I have this mental thing where I need to feel like I'm eating dessert with each meal and almond butter is feeding into that right now. I really should try to get away from that, but for right now, baby steps lol.

One big thing I did notice was that my throat began bothering me. Before starting keto, I had just gotten over strep throat after a round of antibiotics. After my treat day, I noticed my throat starting to bother me again. Now it has started to taper off, which is really interesting to me. Bacteria feed off of glucose, so I'm thinking my treat day may have given them a second wind... I immediately added oregano oil to my regimen (6 drops 3x daily) which decreased the throat soreness. I'll have to be mindful of that after my birthday party this Friday when I know I'll be eating carbs again.

I am also finding that I'm getting bored with eating the same meals for lunch and dinner, but convenience at this point is winning that battle. I will say that I am starting to enjoy fat more now, than carbohydrates. When I would eat high fat foods in the past, they would still taste good, but I'd still want the combination of fat with carbohydrate. Now, whether its olive oil, whole eggs, avocado, coconut oil or whatever else, fat just tastes soooooo much better! Which obviously is an amazing turn of events, considering I am still on this journey for another few days. And who knows, maybe I'll continue even when this experiment is over...

Its also been much harder than I thought giving up carbohydrates, if I'm being completely honest with myself. Its not so much a physical craving, but a mental one. Being restrictive in this sense, for me, is difficult because it reminds me of a head space I was in with my eating disorder (anorexia) when I was younger. Not allowing myself to have very specific types of foods is something I have to tread lightly with so I don't become fixated on maintaining the restriction of carbs.

I can also put myself on a nutrition pedestal at times, thinking I can conquer any diet, exercise and learn everything about anything nutrition related. Obviously this is not the case because I'm not a human encyclopedia, even though I think I am at times. The problem with this is I am very hard on myself when I hit obstacles trying new things. I think I am doing something wrong or I'm not strong enough to endure this transition. Its very important for me to put myself in a clients shoes and think what advise I would give to them.

Ultimately that would be TO KEEP GOING. I'm only human and I'm bound to be uncomfortable at times, especially with things my body isn't used too. I know this sounds like such an obvious point, but for me I need constant reminding.

I hope you're enjoying my banter thus far and stay tuned for Day 9!


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