My Keto Experience: Day 7

*Written April 2018*

So Day 7, post treat day what do you think happened? Weight gain, fatigue and basically me feeling like crap? Well that was somewhat the case. I definitely retained water (see stats below), but my energy was not affected at all. I actually felt awake, alert and ready to attack from morning workout.

Of course I saved leg day post treat meal to use all those amazingly delicious carbs I ate the day prior. What a great decision that was! Cardio on the stair-master was a breeze and I was able to lift between 2-5% more weight that I was pre-keto! Pretty amazing stuff! I even threw in an extra 5 minutes of HIIT on the stair-master with 30 seconds on level 4 and 30 seconds level 20. The energy I had was really motivating and being in the gym didn't feel like a chore as it did on Saturday before I started my treat day.

Now, even with all the energy and boost in mood, there were some negatives. Before eating anything, I had distension in my gut until about 3 pm. All I drank was coffee in the morning, my electrolyte powder (nothing artificial/no calories) in water and more water. I literally couldn't figure it out. With having such digestive issues, I decided to eat plant based and low protein for the day just to give my gut a break. I also broke my fast around 4 pm, so I fasted about 2 hours longer than I usually do.

So what did I eat you ask? Well for "lunch" I had a big salad of baby romaine, hummus, cucumber, bell pepper, horseradish, fermented carrots/ginger and balsamic vinegar with a bag of beet chips (can you tell I love salad yet? lol). I ate dinner about 4 hours later, so around 8pm. That consisted of a very large bowl of roasted brussel sprouts, leeks, cauliflower tossed in EVOO, sea salt, pepper and turmeric. I also had a Sunwarrior protein bar with I'd say 3 Tbsp of almond butter on it and a bowl of popcorn as well. Nothing special or creative, I just ate what I felt like in the moment. After I finished that meal, I was definitely bloated and may have eaten a bit too much but I was okay with that.

When I became a Nutritionist after graduating with my Masters degree, I always felt like I had to portray this persona that I ate perfectly and wouldn't touch taboo foods. Fast forward almost three years later, I eat whole foods and healthily I'd say 90-95% of the time and allow myself to indulge every so often. I focus on how food can help my body perform better and that is what drives me to continue healthy eating patterns and stay motivated. I'm also a glutton for research and some information I've gathered along the way regarding poor eating habits definitely deters me from processed foods, gluten and dairy. At this point in my journey I really don't crave junk food like simple carbs, sugar or fat. Its funny sometimes, because I'll crave a very specific fruit, vegetable or protein source. I remember one week last month I was craving chicken breast all the time. At the time, my body probably just needed a specific amino acid, vitamin or mineral in that food item, hence the craving.

So anyway, here I am after a full week of keto and onto week 2. I definitely plan on going right back to keto on Monday until my 30th birthday party my parents are throwing for me on Friday. I am beginning to think cyclical keto may work better for me, again depending on my training regimen and how much high intensity work I do in any given week.

For my fellow fitness enthusiasts, burning fat for energy requires oxygen, for the most part. So when we try to go high intensity workouts (short bursts of energy) which are anaerobic (lacking oxygen) in nature and require glycogen for energy, our stores are already depleted if we are on keto. Thus making it difficult to perform the workout. This is probably why I felt good during workouts in the beginning of last week and not so great toward the end of the week. I had gone through my glycogen stores and my body was probably converting protein into glucose through a process known as gluconeogenesis. The question is, was my body breaking down some of my muscle for energy, even after such a short time on keto? Definitely something to think about.

Anyway, continue to stick with me this next week to see how I continue to progress on this keto journey!


134 lbs (3 lb increase/water retention)

17.9% body fat

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