My Keto Experience: Day 6

*Written April 2018*

So as promised, I had a change of pace planned for today..... I had a treat day!

I woke up this morning again feeling focused, energized and ready to attack the day. But when I got to the gym and started my back workout, that quickly changed. I struggled to get through my 20 minutes of steady state cardio on the stair master and was struggling to lift the amount of weight I usually do. I pushed through and completed my workout, but I definitely didn't enjoy it.

The gym has always been a place where I relieve stress and enjoy changing my body in a positive way and becoming stronger. Today, I couldn't wait to get out of there because my energy was just super low. Needless to say, I got frustrated.

So after the gym, I got cleaned up, went to work for an event, then headed over to my favorite healthy cafe, Zest (check out review here) in Fairfield, NJ and picked up my fave salad (Farmhouse) and a box of their bakery treats. This included a few cookies, blondies and a few other items that I have become staples on my treat days. I headed home, sat down and enjoyed my salad with lots of chickpeas and veggies and about 3 cookies and a blondie. And I must say, I wasn't even full.

My boyfriend and I had plans to go see "A Quiet Place" at the movies and how can you go to a movie and not get popcorn? I mean, well, I can and have, but not today. I polished off a medium bag to myself, while my other half enjoyed pretzel bites, butter finger bites and a large soda. I have this weird skill where I can remember food people order especially if its unhealthy because it takes every ounce of strength for me not to open my mouth. Anyway, I do highly recommend seeing the movie because it was really good (even for the lack of speaking in it) and the reviews definitely did it justice.

Now at this point, I expected to feel full, bloated, lethargic and ready to take a food break, but that was not the case. I felt energized and digestion was still perfectly normal. After hanging out at my place for two hours or so, we headed out to a new sushi place called Osaka Ryu Gin in Glen Rock, NJ. Now, sushi is literally one of my favorite foods and I love trying new places so I was really excited to give this a go, especially after a week of no carbs. And the sushi did not disappoint! If you live in Northern NJ, please try this place out. Its tiny, but the staff was super nice, fish was very fresh and they accommodate for gluten and dairy allergies. One roll I ordered came out with spicy mayo on it, which has soy sauce mixed in (contains gluten) and when I brought it to our waitresses attention, she immediately rectified the issue with a smile on her face. Needless to say, I will be going back to Osaka Ryu Gin.

After dinner, which was around 9:30 pm, I polished off the remainder of my box o' treats from Zest (2 cookies, 2 blondies)  and headed over to my boyfriends place. When we got there, he munched on his Easter candy while I had a pint of Nada Moo ice cream, Maple Pecan flavor (my fave!) all while catching up on Games of Thrones, Season 1. I know guys, we are WAY behind... And yes, I ate the whole entire pint. And no, I'm not mad about it.

However, after the pint, I called it quits on my treat day. I felt thoroughly satisfied and had zero anxiety about my indulgences. I know a lot of people track calories on their "cheat" days to see how much they can consume, but for me its not about that. Its about enjoying myself and not having to think about health benefits/concerns and to just enjoy food because it tastes good. Now, I didn't indulge in foods that were high sugar, processed (except for the movie popcorn) or had artificial ingredients in them. As my boyfriend likes to say, Zest's cookies are basically made from veggies. I mean, they really aren't, but hey, he is entitled to his perception. I incorporated healthy and some not so healthy foods into the day for not other reason than I like them. What I always try to convey is that I did NOT gorge myself. I ate until I was satisfied at every meal and did not push myself to eat more. Feeling uncomfortably full is not normal and should not be your goal. Whether its a normal day of eating or an indulgence you should always eat intuitively... now stepping down from my soap box...

At the end of the day I felt physically full, I'd say 80% capacity and mentally 100% satisfied. I have no shame, guilt or otherwise and that feels pretty amazing.

Stay tuned for Day 7 to see if I go right back to keto or if I throw another curve ball your way!


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