My Keto Experience: Day 3

*Written April 2018*

I went into this diet knowing I would probably experience the "keto flu" for a week or so, and its seriously no joke...

The "keto flu" is characterized by body aches, brain fog, irritability, cravings and extreme fatigue, all of which I experienced the past two days. Mentally I had prepared myself for another 3-4 days of this, but to my surprise, today I felt fantastic!

I woke up without body aches, I could think clearly, I felt more focused and my energy was boundless. With this turn of events, I decided to go to the gym and do a leg workout.

Now, I've heard many people mention decreases in strength due to keto because the focus is fat loss and not strength gain. So I went into my workout not expecting too much. Turns out, my strength was the same, but my recovery time in between sets was much shorter! I also noticed that I felt more energized when my workout was done rather than feeling super drained like I normally would.

I also took some additional progress pictures because I noticed a significant difference in tone in my abs, back and quads. I won't be taking progress photos daily after this because that can quickly become obsessive, for me especially.

Maybe it was just my boost in mood, but it seemed like a lot of things at work lined up in my favor as well. It's really unbelievable how much my perspective has changed in just three days. To be honest, before this change, I was consuming a good amount of grains and vegan protein bars (obsession is more like it), which definitely could have contributed to some inflammation causing some dips in energy and focus.

Last night I had some pretty intense cravings, but I found that taking some extra electrolytes in water has really helped curtail that. After both my meals today I had no cravings and I wasnt hungry right after my first meal. I would say from when I broke my fast at 2pm I was satiated until around 7pm. This is about the same amount of time in between meals before starting this journey, so I'm really happy with that as well.

Overall I feel pretty awesome, as I'm writing this post and about ready for bed. Oh! That's another thing! Sleep is so much more peaceful and I fall asleep much faster which is a God send. I usually have racing thoughts and over the last couple months, a rapid heart beat before bed, so those symptoms going away was a huge relief.

Moral of the story... stay consistent! Diet change especially a drastic change like I did, is going to be rough on your body. This isn't something I advise to anyone! I decided to do this because I am fully aware of how I was going to feel, know what supplements/nutrients I need and mentally prepared for it for a while before actually implementing. I also just like to experiment with different diets because I am a firm believer nutrition is not " one size fits all" and I want to speak from experience as well as from what I read in research.

I really hope you're enjoying my journey so far and stay tuned for tomorrow's day 4 update!


133lbs (down 4 so far)

17.5% body fat (down 1%)


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