Mindfulness: Being Kind to Your Body

I was inspired to blog about this topic because the past few days I've been feeling under the weather. For me, it's a very difficult thing to accept when my body doesn't perform the way I'd like, which hinders my ability to be mindful. And of course, I only felt worse the more I pushed myself, justifying my actions via the mantra of "you're not sick, just tired. Push through anyway!"

Moral of the story, don't do that! Sometimes we forget to not only have an awareness of our surroundings, but also of our body and it's needs. My body was telling me, " Slow down and check in with me because you haven't in a while. " I tend to push myself which allows me to be successful, but with a lot of stress along the way. It's hard to accept the need to slow down sometimes and allow yourself that "breather" that could actually help you refocus in the long run.

I definitely get caught up in the instant gratification web sometimes, as much as I hate to admit it, but here I am living to tell the tale. So, what did I do to give my body the break it needed? ...

- No gym for 3 days

- Binge watched Downton Abbey (amazing show if you haven't seen it!)

- Made homemade chicken and veggie soup (recipe coming soon), which is what my eating consisted of the past week

- Only wore outfits consisting of basketball shorts and sweatshirts

- Read... a lot (physical books, can't stand reading on my phone)

- Maintained a regimen of Apple cider vinegar shots, oil of oregano and aloe Vera 3x per day along with my diffuser using eucalyptus and lemon essential oils (All immune boosters) *links for products below*

I know this sounds basic, but for me it's pretty gut wrenching. After being paralyzed nine years ago, giving my body a break is extremely difficult. It's a frustration that is hard to describe and I hope you never have to endure it. But, it's not excuse to avoid being mindful and kind to my body. It allows me to be the productive, control freak that I am and for that I am grateful.

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