I Gained Weight On Purpose

I gained 20 lbs on purpose. On the left was the beginning of my hormonal healing journey, trying to get my period back (2019). I tailored back my workouts, ate more and learned how to really practice self care daily. On the right, I have balance both physically and emotionally. Based on my recent blood work, all my hormones are normal! I get my period every 30 days with minimal PMS and now don't have to worry about my fertility. I want to start having kids in the next 5 years so this was a big win for me. Emotionally, the process was hard and still has its downs. I'm still learning to be comfortable in a bigger body with stretch marks, cellulite and clothes not fitting. Will I stay this size, probably not, but if I do, that's okay. I'm healthy, happy and moving forward in life not fearing my body or my mind but embracing them to their fullest extent. I found MY balance and peace.

I hope sharing my journey inspires you to either continue or start your own healing process and supports you along the way!

Have questions or want to start healing your body, book a 30 minute discovery session with me to learn holistic and natural ways to heal.

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