How to Juice Cleanse the Right Way

With 2019 right around the corner, so many people are looking for a quick and easy way to jump start their healthy habits. One very effective strategy is juice cleansing.

The top benefits of juice cleansing are...

- Detox

- Weight loss

- Increased energy

- Improved sleep

- Improved digestion

- Clearer skin

- Boost in mood

- Increased nutrient intake

- Boosted immunity

- Decreased stress

Now, following a 2, 7, 10 day juice cleanse is all well and good, but how you reintroduce whole food sources is just as important. You've done all this work to detox and heal your body so You're definitely going to want to a strategy to maintain those results!

This is where the concept of reverse dieting comes in. This is a broad term meaning reintroduction of food groups slowly after dieting, cleansing etc so you can maintain your results (i.e. weight loss, energy etc) without having to worry about reverting back to your previous non-detoxed self.

Because you've only been drinking liquids for a few days/weeks, suffice to say your body is going to be a bit thrown off if you start eating whole foods right away. What you should do is slowly introduce food groups individually as the days progress after your cleanse is done so your body can adjust.

I'm sure you're asking, how do I know what food groups to start with? And thats a great question! You want to start with food groups that are easy to digest first then work your way toward foods that are not so easy to digest.

For example...

Start with : non-starchy vegetables, low sugar fruits, herbs, broth and herbal teas

Then work your way to: starchy vegetables, all fruits, plant based fats

And finally: plant based protein sources and grains

Animal sources of protein should be added in very slowly after plant based protein sources because their transit time, aka the time it takes to get from your mouth to a bowel movement is much longer. For example, beans, lentils, spirulina and soy have a much faster transit time than chicken, beef or fish, so needless to say you'll want to take your time with animal proteins.

If you've been looking for a juice cleanse to jump start your healthy 2019 and need a little guidance how to reintroduce whole food groups in a safe and effective way check out our Lifestyle Factor: 7 day cleanse which includes a 4 day cleanse then 3 day reintroduction of whole foods that ensures you will sustain all the amazing results you worked so hard for!

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