Vitamin D: Health Powerhouse

One of my favorite vitamins to chat about is none other than the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is mostly synthesized through sunlight exposure, and can also be found in foods like eggs, salmon and tuna.

Fun fact, cholesterol is required for Vitamin D synthesis, so its not the "big bad" doctors make it out to be.

The best time to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is between the hours of 12-4 pm in the Spring and Summer months, when the sun is at its highest point. All you need is 20-30 minutes direct exposure.

During the Fall and Winter months, I recommend taking a supplement form of Vitamin D3 in a dose of 2000 IU daily.

My Top Pick (& what I use personally) for a Vitamin D Supplement is....

Designs for Health Liposomal Vitamin D3

Why is this my top pick?

Liposomal Vitamin D provides vitamins D and K formulated with liposomal technology. Vitamin D is needed for a healthy immune system, and vitamins D and K act synergistically to support healthy bones and proper calcium balance in the body.

Liposomes are spheres made of phospholipids (fat molecules)—the primary building blocks of cell membranes. Owing to this structure, liposomes bond easily with cell membranes to facilitate intracellular delivery of their nutrient cargo, which is a fancy way of saying it improves bioavailability.

Emerging research also shows that Vitamin D may have a lot more benefits than just...

Bone health

- increased bone density because it aids in calcium and phosphorus absorption

New research is saying Vitamin D plays a role in...

- Improved stress management

- Increased muscle repair/recovery

- Boost immune health

- Improved mood

- Increased longevity

- Possible cancer prevention

Needless to say Vitamin D should be a part of your daily regimen.

Whether you get it from sunlight or supplement form, just make sure you get it!


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