Healthy Changes You can Make Now

Updated: Feb 13

You're eating processed food, not moving your body and still complaining that you feel like sh** and wondering why you feel behind in life.

Your current state of health depends on your choices.

So what decisions can you make right now, in this moment, to thrive today?

Here are a few ...

1. drink an extra 16 oz of water

2. move your body whether even if its just doing squats in your living room/office for 5 min or running in your backyard with your kids. Exercise can be done outside of a gym

3. Have racing thoughts? Sit in stillness and connect with yourself. If your mind is racing, why continue to surround yourself with stimulus (radio, tv, phone, podcast etc).

Give yourself permission to be still, quiet and let your thoughts go. The more you try to suppress them, the stronger they will try to rise up (i..e this is what leads to anxiety and panic attacks)

So you feel you've exhausted your own personal efforts?

Get some accountability and check out my Glow membership for guides, videos, meditations, meal plans, supplement recommendations and DAILY SUPPORT from our community!

Your health is worth $1 per day, no really it is, so check out Glow today

"I'm ready to hold myself accountable + get consistent support"

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