Full Body At Home Workout

As entrepreneurs, it is super important for us to stay active to keep energy levels up and boost confidence in ourselves along with our business!

Think about it ... when you aren't loving yourself or feeling your best, does it affect your business productivity?

Short answer, YES, it absolutely does!

To help you avoid that and keep up all the amazing work you are doing ....

Check out our latest total body workout that requires ZERO equipment and only takes 15-20 min.

Even better, this workout is flexible, so you can make it longer or shorter depending on your schedule!

Comment 'yes girl!' if you would like a live workout with Me!

Here's the workout (video tutorial attached) ...

Warm up: 3 rounds

8 Lunges

8 Hand release push ups

8 Sit-ups

30 second pigeon stretch each side

Round 1: 3 rounds

10 air squats

10 lunges

10 step ups

10 ab roll backs

Round 2: 3 rounds

10 bench push ups

10 bench dips

10 commandos


Complete the following as fast as possible with as little breaks as possible

1 burpee

30 second jumping jacks

2 burpees

30 seconds high knees

3 burpees

30 seconds cross jacks

4 burpees

30 seconds mountain climbers

5 burpees

30 seconds butt kicks

For more at home workouts, meal planning strategies and a community of women to support and hold you accountable, check us out at ...

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