Five Tips for using Music as Self-Care

Take it from me, not as the Nutritionist you know and love, but as the classically trained violinist I also am...

Seriously , I'm not kidding. Music and self care go hand in hand

1. Get out of that funk by keeping an SOS/dance party playlist

Music is a powerful memory recall method and can evoke strong emotions – you can use this as a tool to give yourself a boost when you feel low energy or anxious.

Create a playlist of upbeat songs that make you want to get up and dance!

Maybe it includes the biggest hit when you were in high school or a song you heard after reaching a milestone. My top "just gotta get up and dance" song is “Gotta Work" by Amerie

2. Decrease stress/anxiety by listening to music with a slow tempo

Create a playlist of songs with a slower tempo. Try to find songs with a bpm (beats per minute) between 60-80 – the average resting heart rate. Click here for a website that can help you figure out the bpm of a song

3. Use music to process difficult emotions

Sometimes in our lives whether at work or at home, we encounter some heavy stuff: whether that be through working with people facing extreme challenges; hearing a second-hand account of a traumatic event; or even seeing something that deeply affects us on the news (which seems to be happening more frequently these days). 

I use music for self-care as much as possible. Whenever my tank is on empty, this strategy fills it right back up. Classical music, specifically cello solos by Yo-Yo Ma, definitely help me calm down and process everything going on around me

4. Have a transition anthem

We all need to be mindful of how we move from our busy time to our down time – or else, we may never give ourselves any down time!

Music can be a useful tool to help us navigate the transition from work to life by helping us shift our frame of mind. 

Think of a song that is grounding to you and helps you detach from your work mindset.

5. Get involved and make some music!

….Hear me out.

If you’re the kind of person who has said, "I cant sing worth a damn" I am here to tell you – you don’t need to be a musician to play music!

Music is meant to be made by everyone, not just The Beatles and Maroon 5.

Music is a skill which can be learned – just like learning to tying your shoe. 

And it is well documented that participating in music has positive impacts on our mood, self-esteem, cognitive functioning, memory, focus – so much so that musicians have been shown to have higher IQ's

Need support getting started?

If I were to take a look at your self care routine and showed you exactly what to do to increase your energy, decrease stress which would allow you to thrive in your business would you want to connect?

Comment 'yes' below if you want the details!

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