Eat the Damn Cookie

A cookie is simply a cookie...

Being on self-quarantine can make us all a little stir crazy. Whether you're stuck at home with the kids, lost your job or just getting annoyed with the amount of "quality time" you now have with your significant other, this is the ideal time to practice some self care with a little bit of fun, especially in the kitchen.

One of my favorite hobbies is baking. I love to experiment with different recipes and now I have quite a bit of time on my hands to do so. Its a great way to treat myself and my family to a super yummy treat, but if I am not careful, it can definitely catch up to me.

To avoid over indulging, here are some tips that are super helpful...

1. Don't avoid foods you love. Practice intuitive eating and enjoy it.

2. Listen to your body and what feels good physically and emotionally.

3. Ask yourself, is this feeding into a negative eating habit or do I just want to enjoy the "cookie"?

4. And most importantly, if you overindulge, learn from the experience and move forward.

So look at a "cookie" for what it is. A tasty treat that is fine in moderation.

Surround your day with physical activity, great hydration, good music, and make yourself aware of all that you're grateful for.

Need more support with your daily food choices ....

If I were to take a look at your nutrition routine and showed you exactly what to do to boost energy + eat well + be more productive, would you want to connect?

Comment 'yes' below if you want the details!

Written by: Nicole Miller, M.S.

Edited by: Jaclyn Jacobsen, M.S., CPT

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