Benefits of B Vitamins: Day 15 of National Nutrition Month

Welcome to the new theme for this week, Vitamins!

I know I get way too excited over these micronutrients, only because they are vital to overall health!

Today we will focus on the B Vitamins (there's 8 of them btw)...

This family of water soluble vitamins are essential for optimal metabolic function, mood, energy, digestion, stress, brain health and so much more.

Because they are a family, they are best taken together in a complex (i.e. B complex) if you are looking for a supplement form. Many of them have similar functions and can "pick up the slack" if you become deficient in one or a few.

Some conditions associated with deficiency are...

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Neuropathy

- Extremem fatigue

- Hormone Imbalance

- Brain Fog/Forgetfulness

- Impaired thyroid function

- Auto-immune disease

- Anemia (pernicious/B12)

To ensure you are getting all your B vitamins, check out my top B complex supplement here!

Check out a break down of each individual B vitamin below with their benefits along with the foods that contain some of them!

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