Avocado Joy Smoothie

Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. I’ve been super busy hosting some great workshops and building some great relationships with local practitioners (stay tuned for updates)!

The inspiration for this smoothie originated from a workshop I hosted last week titled, “Blame Game: Sugar vs. Fat”. I was speaking to a group of teachers, administrators, parents, doctors etc regarding the effects of sugar on the body and the health benefits of increased fat consumption (minus trans-fats!).  This smoothie is full of monounsaturated and saturated fats including omega 3’s and fiber.

Fat is part of every cell membrane, skin, cartilage, organ and brain. Actually the human brain is composed of 60% fat, so it is imperative to be consuming sufficient amounts of healthy fats to support proper brain function.

So I hope you enjoy this smoothie as much as I enjoyed creating it and let me know if you make it!

Ingredients: (most ingredients have hyperlinks for brands I love!)

-2 cups Sodelicious unsweetened coconut milk

— 1 avocado

— 1 Tbsp. Maranatha Almond Butter

— 1 Tbsp. Spectrum Chia Seeds

— 2 tsp Navitas cacao powder

— 1 Tbsp. Garden of Life Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

— 1 Tbsp. NOW Foods Maple syrup (or Y.S Eco Bee Farm honey)

— 1 scoop Garden of Life Raw protein powder (OPTIONAL)

— Makes 2 servings


— Place all ingredients in blender and blend until well mixed (I use a Ninja blender!)

— For a pudding-like texture, use only 1 cup of coconut milk


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