At Home Upper Body Workout

What you'll need:

- Your fave workout playlist

- Towel (to wipe off sweat)

- Water

Warm Up:

*If it is nice where you're located, go for a 5-10 min brisk walk to warm up and get some vitamin D and some fresh air.

*If weather is not nice follow this warmup instead:

3 rounds 30 seconds each. Just to get your body warm and moving.

-Jumping Jacks

-High knees

-Extended arm plank with feet hops (while in a extended arm plank hop your feet in and out)

-Mountain Climbers

-Inch worms to push up


3 rounds 12-15 reps each

Single arm bent over row

Upright row

Single arm Shoulder press

Front raise

3 rounds 40 seconds on 20 seconds off

Around the worlds

Dumbbell punches

Forward arm circles

Reverse arm circles

**You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, water jugs, laundry soap, babies (lol) as your weights.

Get creative with what you have. Just because you don't have a gym doesn't mean you can't move your body!


5 rounds - with minimal rest inbetween each exercise

6 push ups, 18 supermans

9 push ups, 15 supermans

12 push ups, 12 supermans

15 push ups, 9 supermans

18 push ups, 6 supermans

If I were to take a look at your daily diet and workout routine and showed you exactly what to do to burn fat and boost energy, would you want to connect?

Comment 'yes' below if you want the details!

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