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Tel: 845 379 4616

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“Absolutely, I would say that Jaclyn’s knowledge is invaluable, but more than that, her demeanor is reassuring and her way of delivering the information to her clients is gently and thoughtfully given, in a manner that puts the person at ease and helps them feel that better health is achievable.”

So Nice To Meet You Gorgeous,
I'm Jaclyn!


Through my own experiences with an eating disorder and paralysis I help women overcome physical and emotional obstacles that "weigh" them down and adopt a mindset of positivity and "I can!"


My passion is to help you develop sustainable solutions for better health and to teach you how to truly love yourself.

Customized Nutrition Support


My approach to healthy eating is one of mindfulness and educating you how to trust your body. I will help discover what works for you through genetic testing, hormone monitoring, individualized counseling, consistent support and accountability. 

A Balanced Approach
Learn simple ways how to incorporate foods you love without guilt, while still achieving your goals. By introducing strategies for eating at home, on the go and at social events, your program will soon become your lifestyle. Eating healthily should not be restrictive, it is all about individualized balance!

The Blog
Check out trending topics regarding fitness, nutrition health and wellness! Don't be shy to share a topic you would like to learn more about, I love hearing your requests!

"I had recently become a vegan and was the recipient of such conflicting advice that it was making my head spin. I scheduled a consultation with Jaclyn and could not be more pleased. She cleared up a lot of misinformation and myths about nutrition. We reviewed my diet and the supplements that I was taking. She made very helpful and specific recommendations, which I am following and feel much the better because of it. She is a knowledgeable, articulate, well educated and charming woman. If you are uncertain if you are eating correctly, contact Jaclyn and she will set you straight.”